Wonder Bunch Media has written a very lovely blog post about me! I am honored!

That can be found here: https://wonderbunch.com/meet-justin/

I was recently the Animation Director for Wonder Bunch Media! Three apps shipped and more on the way!
We created hundreds of different Esoteric Spine IK-based mesh animation sequences for multiple characters and costumes.

I contributed animation for Joe Rothenberg's Nickelodeon Animated Short Gumwad Island!

I was a character animator for several episodes of the "Cyanide and Happiness" web series, including this episode with 9,805,565 views views as of November 10, 2021!

Designed, produced, animated, and a set of TV ads for Georgia Pacific TV. Winner of a 2015 Bronze Telly Award!

Investor-facing video for ROSCA Finance, created from scratch to client-spec. Utilizing After Effects, Illustrator, Flash, and Audacity.

A set of animated GIF tweets for Georgia Pacific (@georgiapacific), designs based on 3rd graders' drawing submissions!
This was a fun one.

Online video for SAP. I contributed storyboards, design, animation, and VO direction.

One of my "Whiteboard" explainer videos for Oracle.

Music video for The Andersons - "Take It Outside". First attempt at a music video project like this, learned a whole lot!

Video editing for an Oracle presentation. Video editing in Premiere, lower thirds created in After Effects.

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